Consulting Services

We understand that for technology to be most effective, it must be aligned to your specific requirements, existing environment, and the outcomes you seek. By leveraging soflinix broad portfolio of Consulting Services, you’ll gain technology-driven insight and guidance to make smarter decisions, not just faster decisions, with maximum impact on your bottom line.

Guiding Your Success

SLX Consulting Services deliver actionable intelligence that can help you improve efficiencies and optimize the return on your technology investments. When you work with soflinix you have our certified, dedicated team on your side to go above and beyond—to take you from vision to reality. You can rely on our practical outcome focus, deep expertise across the entire IT lifecycle and every critical discipline, and proven methodology to elevate your customer experience and drive consistent results.

See the Forest and the Trees

SLX brings a unique perspective to see the big picture in shaping your business strategy while also keeping the finer details in check—so you stay ahead of the curve without creating new risks.


Assessments help you understand what’s really going on within your IT environment, providing valuable insight you can use to adapt to shifting demands and deliver better business outcomes. Armed with that knowledge, you can make your IT environment more reliable, scalable, high performing, and secure.


Our workshops help you define and explore various technologies, solutions, concepts, and implementation practices you may need to consider when facing business challenges that impact today’s business landscape.

Virtual Consulting

Through our Virtual Consulting offerings, soflinix can provide an executive-level advisory resource to align IT strategy with your business objectives, processes, and culture through independent and unbiased over

Technical Consulting

Navigate the myriad of options when it comes to cloud, security, and governance/risk/compliance (GRC) so you can define your strategy, select and evaluate offerings, build and deploy your framework, and continue to optimize your operations.

Business Consulting

Go beyond “keeping the lights green” by leveraging the insight we have into your IT infrastructure to ensure your team is performing a strategic role to drive innovation and more effectively interact with the rest of the business.